Big Black Cock for Small Cock Humiliation

InterracialIt seems that whenever I think about big black cock I always think of small cock humiliation at the same time. The reason for this is when I first started taking small cock humiliation calls instead of exclusively submissive calls I worked for a company that allowed you to send out paid mail.


Paid mail can be anything. Paid mail can contain pictures, stories, games, insults, even videos. This paid mail that I sent out was a viral Internet picture of a black man with a huge black cock side by side to a little white weenie tied in a bow. I sent it out as a small cock humiliation paid mail. It was to show the men who bought it, and thee ones with small cocks, how pathetic they were up against the big black dick. White guys into small cock humiliation love to be compared to big black dick. It’s like the ultimate insult to them.


What’s stymied me was when one of the men who paid for it actually complained. He whined about how I got a free picture off the Internet and made him pay for it. The man was calling for small cock humiliation. I think I followed through on that. He paid for a picture of a big black cock next to a tiny little white one like his own.


That was the first customer that ever called me that confused me. To this day I can not understand why he was so upset and whining about getting exactly what he asked for. He got small cock humiliation. He got humiliated. He got his wallet raped. And he looked like the idiot that he is. Because only a small cock loser would pay for a picture of a big black cock anyway.


When I sent that picture out I was imagining each and everyone of those little dick losers standing beside a big black cock just like that guy was. Because that’s how useless a little bitty dick is to me.


Sure, I might be submissive but I will not bow down to an itty-bitty cock. I am certainly not a size queen, I like anything from the 5 inches and up. But a little bitty 3 inch cock is you doing nothing for me 4 inches not a chance. To me those guys may as well be submissive themselves because they are not worth sleeping with for any woman, not just myself.


I think when it comes to small cock humiliation, a submissive woman is the best at it. The reason for this is submissive men dominant men and women in general seem to assume were just nasty sluts who have absolutely no taste in men which is absolutely not true. We like dominant men with cocks that we won’t laugh at.. A guy with a wee willy will never dominate a true slave girl. How can you respect that? I can’t even imagine how they could when they have a baby dick. I’d take a big black cock over them and any day and be happy to let them clean up the mess. Because there’s nothing that a small cock loser likes more than the big black cock is to eat the hot, fresh  goo out of a sluts pussy.

Thanks to my introduction to small cock humiliation I have also learned a lot about cuckolding. I will always believe that the best person to dominate a white boy with a little dick is a  black man who is packing a huge dong. I can get the best of both worlds, dominated by a black guy with a huge dick and humiliate a little cocked loser in the process!

Paste my White Slut for Black Cock with Cum

Paste my White Slut for Black Cock with CumA caller emailed me fantasy so I would prepared for his scene when he called for a phonesex gang bang. Just reading his phonesex gang bang got me hot and I must admit, I had to get off to it a couple times day dreaming about it waiting for him to finally call. I waited a few days and began to worry he would not call but when he finally did, I was so hot, a phonesex gang bang is so much better when you get to share it with an equally horny guy. When I get to hear them breathing heavy and making sexy noises of their own it just sends me over the edge Plus, this fantasy is so me.  I am definitely a white slut for black cock.




Can you be my wife for this fantasy? You’re my wife, a white slut for black cock, for our phone sex fantasy. Imagine it is your  birthday and I tell you I am taking you to your surprise party. I blindfolded you and lead you into a room full of people. You can tell there are a lot of people because you can hear them moving around. You do not all the people are men and they all are black with huge dicks loaded with cum.  I order you to your knees and tell you to open your mouth, you do as directed like the good white slut for black cock I have trained you to be.


They get in line and one by one feed their thick, black dicks into your cunt face, shoving them deep down your throat ignoring your sputtering. You gag, choke and slobber but being the white slut for black cock you are, you are eager to get them all off in spite of tears streaming down your face and the slobber dripping down your chin, tits and sliming their balls. You are such a disgusting pig of a woman there is even snot coming out of your nose making bubbles as you try to breath. It is apparent you are a greedy white slut for black cock.  You’re carried to a small raised cot,a waist high cot of course and after you have swallowed a load from each black dick.  You feel your ass cheeks parted and feel cool lube being squirted on your asshole. You want to protest when you feel the huge head pressed against your poop chute but cannot because your mouth is quickly filled with cock.  Your head is then tilted back, off the cot to take in the  long thick black dick deep down your throat from behind. It is easier to take the whole cock when you have your head tilted like that so they have a direct line from month to throat. All the while you scream into the cock in your mouth because of the incredible searing pain in your ass as the black cock tears into it.


Next,  you feel a man mount the cot and without hesitation a long thick big black cock slides deep into your wet pussy, causing more pain and making you feel full and stretched out. If it were any other girl she might have been horrified.  But not you, you’re a true fat white slut for black cock. You start writhing beneath them even as you are pinned like a butterfly but their huge man cocks. Two more men with big black cock move to either side of your body to make it easier for you to jerk their cocks off with your hands so that every possible part of you is busy with cock. I know it is a dream cum true for a white slut for black cock. The same two men pinch and pull your rock hard nipples savagely as they smash your boobies together to enable another long thick big black cock to be mashed between your ginormous knockers to fuck your big fat tits.


The muscular black men take turns fucking you with their massive big black cocks. I sit and watch you be defiled your blind fold fucked off long ago. You take it like a greedy white slut for black cock and beg for more even when you are crying about it hurting. All night long they banged you like the white slut for black cock that you are. When you start to lag they gave you booze to keep you malleable and your legs spread wide. The horny, black studs pounded your fat, pussy in each position until you orgasmed again and again times, soaking their big dicks with your glistening pussy juices.


You begged so much for their cocks that finally they decided to DP you. The lay you face down and one spread your butt cheeks exposing your gaping asshole. The fingered your ass while the man who had just cum in your ass stuck his dick in your face to have your ass juices sucked off and to suck him hard again whole a guy grabbed the bottle of lube and inserted it in your ass and squeezed all the contents in.


One stood and one mounted the table and when they had both of their blood engorged dicks lined up with your pale white fat ass the one squatting above your back told you to hold all that lube in or it would hurt even more when they stuck both of their black cocks in your asshoeat the same time. The expression on your cock filled face looked horrified but like a good white slut for black cock you wiggled that fat ass and it jiggled like jello.


You took it like a fuckign pro and came even more.


They finished with you by putting you on you knees, and using your face for target practice and shooting their final loads into your cock hungry face. While you played with your cunt like a never satisfied white slut for black cock. They turned you into their black cock bukakke slut.  Your face was pasted with cum all those black cocks! When they were done you looked up and you smiled like a true white slut for black cock,  and opened up your mouth and then they used their thick fingers to  scrape the cum from your face and feed their fat white cum piggy every gooey drop.


Would you like roleplaying this fantasy with me? Can you be a white slut for black cock?


                        interracial gangbang lover


Fuck yeah! This is one of my favorite kinds of phonesex gang bang calls.  I love black dick!  In reality I find black men more passionate and less rough than white men but that is not true for all of them. I have had black guys really tear up my pussy and ass and loved every minute of it. I will say this the biggest cocks I have ever had were both, twelve inches long and one belonged to a black man and one a white man but over all , black men do have bigger dicks!


I really need some fat cock in me right now and a rough man to make me appreciate it properly, as a slut shoulf.


Debt Paid to the Big Black Cock

I once had a boyfriend who I hooked up with because he was every girls dream, the bad boy. He lived on the edge and took me over that edge with him. It should have been a red flag that he was virtually jobless and mostly did odd jobs but lived quite well. Of course it wasn’t a red flag for me. I wasn’t looking for warning signs, I was looking for a good time and he gave me that! He was entirely too hot for his own good or for me to be bothered with his finances and his cock was a nice, hefty seven inches which was plenty to satisfy me. Besides, I wasn’t looking for a sugar daddy. I had enough money to take care of myself comfortably. (comfortably for what equals comfort for an eighteen year old)


Now when I say he lived on the edge, I meant it. We partied a lot and all the time. It seems almost all the time I spent with him was partying and the party favors kept flowing. Sometimes we even brought another girl or guy home with us. It was like a never ending festival with lots and lots of good sex.


I would not say what we had was a love thing, for me anyway, it was a fun thing but when he came to me dejected telling me he owed money to some guys for the party favors, I was willing to cover his debt considering I had taken part in the festivities. When he told me how much it was, I was a bit shocked, five grand was a lot of money but we partied a lot, so in spite of the cost, I was willing to pay the debt for him. It only put a minor set back in my savings and he promised to pay me back; professing he cared too much about me not too.


Unfortunately it was about that time my tall dark and handsome stranger had gotten hired as a roustabout on an oil rig and we had been making preparations for him to leave the very next day. He had a lot of things to get for his trip and packing to do so I offered to go pay the guy for him. He didn’t want me to go alone but he knew I was right, he needed to get ready to go. He did not like the idea of me going to the wrong side of town by myself but knew he would insult me if he insisted on going to be my protector.


So I went to the bank and he went shopping for toiletries and such. I followed his directions to a house in a very urban part of town where I was sure I was the only white face for miles. It didn’t really bother me too much until I heard the loud bass rolling from the house and a lot of male laughter. I had left my purse in the car, thank goodness, until I knew who it was I had to pay that was the best place for it. I knew his name was Isaac but that was the extent of it. I rang the bell to no avail and then started to bang on the door and when my hand connected with the door it swung open. I saw about five black guys drinking beer in the living room.


They made some cat calls and one guy came over to me and when he finally understood I wanted to see Isaac, over the music, he led me into the house, past the eleven men, not the five I could see and upstairs to an office where a very friendly looking black man sat.


I sat on the sofa that was facing his desk. The wrap around set felt really soft against my bare legs. Issac was on the phone; so I waited patiently until he was finished. He had a rich baritone and smiled as he spoke. Hardly what I was expecting. When he was done, he asked, “How can I help you?”


I asked him if he knew Vinny and he said he did. That Vinny owed him some money. I explained to him that Vince was leaving to go make a lot of money on the rigs and that I had come to pay his debt. There was a phone on his desk and he picked it up and asked a man named Clarence to go get Vinny. I tried to protest, because Vince had stuff to do but he held his finger to his mouth to shush me and I thought it would be a good Idea to keep my mouth shut.


When he was done, I told him he did not have to get Vinny, I was gonna pay him and he told me he understood that, but thought Vince should be man enough to be there. He unfolded all six foot five of himself from the computer chair as he turned the monitor out facing the room. As he moved he explained that he had just gotten a new cam and it was his now toy and he was glad to have an opportunity to play with it. He said it was wide screen and showed the whole room and when he used the remote control he could zoom it in or out.


“See, watch” he said as he sat down beside me and pushed a button on the remote control. I could see us sitting side by side on the monitor and when he pressed another button he had it zoom in on my lips and zoom out again.


“Pretty neat, huh?” I told him it was but I was getting nervous and really wanted to leave. Then he added, “I am sure glad Vince sent you, paying off his debt will be really easy!”


As I stood I said, ”let me go out and get my purse” but even as I said it he pulled me firmly but gently back to the sofa saying,”you won’t be needing that.”


“ I do not need your money. I don’t often get pretty little white girls coming to visit me on this side of town. So we are going to work his debt off in other ways.” I really did not require much more explanation when his hand guided my own to his hard dick. That bulge let me know I would be dealing with a lot of big black cock. I had never been with a black guy that wasn’t the suburban type before. I was scared of where I was, what might happen and tried to protest but he told me, gently while his large hand guided my hand up and down the massive bulge barely containing his big black cock in his jeans that my money was no longer good with him. I was terrified and tried to move away but his other arm wrapped around my shoulders leaving no room for debate.


“We have to get you warmed up for when Vinny gets here. Unzip it and take it out” I tried to pull my hand away but he squeezed it enough to make it hurt ever so slightly exerting hardly any pressure at all, letting me know exactly who was boss. I did as he said taking his big black couck out of his pants thinking frantically about how to get out of this situation and regretting not letting Vince come himself but there was no way out, I knew it and Isaac knew it.


I undid his pants and saw a huge slab of chocolate man flesh. His big black cock terrified me and excited me at the same time. My reaction to seeing such a big black cock also shamed me. I should be appalled and terrified not getting wet.This one certainly was bigger than any cock I had seen before, black cock or white and I had seen many, reaffirming in my head the myth that black men are very well hung. It was at least as big as my forearm and as big around as a V-8 can.


Once his hard black cock sprang out of his jeans he wasted no time using the arm around my shoulders to press me forward on to his big black cock forcing the throbbing head between my lips and into my mouth then throat in one sweep only stopping when I begun to gag. Then took my hair, finding my threshold. began to pump my face up and down on his black cock, each time pushing further and pulling back so I gagged just a little each time, making me drool like whore all over his cock. Apparently he agreed because he moaned,” Oh yeah, get sloppy, suck that black cock like a hooker.”


As frightened as I was staring into his dark, curly pubic hair, smelling his sweaty balls and wondering how I was ever gonna fit what must be a foot of black cock down my throat, my pussy was getting wet. The faster Isaac pumped my face into his black cock  the more uncomfortable my neck became so I slowly slid my body to the floor so I could be on my knees before his black cock as he used my face like a masturbation machine.


I wanted to reach back to pull my skirt down but I had to use my hands to keep balanced. I didn’t want to invite anything more than what was happening and was afraid the little g-string I had worn would do just that. Even as I was reaching back, balancing precariously on one hand, someone knocked on the door. I tried to jerk my head away but he only pushed my face down further on his black cock when he said, “Come in”


“Yum,” he said looking at the scene before him. “I just wanted to let you know they should be here with Vince in about twenty minutes.”


Isaac began fucking my face again with that huge black cock, pulling my head back by my hair far enough that I could gasp for a precious breath but that was about all until I was back down on his  black cock. “Go on, “ I felt his head move to indicate my exposed lower half, “Get you a piece of that little white cunt. She‘s paying up for Vince.”


“You do not have to tell me twice.” I heard the newcomer say and heard him walk to the desk and back to me. Then I felt cold against my ass and heard a “snick” and felt my thong strings separate.


I felt his cock against my pussy before I had time to think. I tried to pull away but his huge hands held me in place as he pressed his big black cock forward into my cunt, opening and stretching it. It felt huge. I moaned on the cock in my mouth, pumping; the other black cock started fucking me vigorously in my sopping wet pussy. “This one is a real little slut, she likes it. Her pussy juice is dripping down my balls. She is gonna get addicted to black cock”


Isaac forced my face all the way down his black cock until it felt like my throat was ripping and then pulled it all the way off his huge black cock by my hair and had a little, mini bottle of some kinda booze and told me to, “drink it.”As he poured it into my mouth he told me it was special and I needed to relax. About that time the guy fucking me was about to come and both Isaac and I knew it. Isaac pulled my body toward him and by doing so the length of his black cock came out of my pussy, “Be a good little white pig and go gobble up all his cum” I started to stand but he nudged me in the small of my back, making me drop to my knees, “Crawl like a good pig.” I started crying and crawled but at the same time my pussy ached, ached to be fucked. I got on my knees and put his big cock in my mouth and for just a split second I saw other men at the open door watching. I knew it was some of the black guys I had passed when entering. I knew I should feel terrified. I knew I should be scared but I felt almost giddy and desperate for cock even as I felt his load begin to pump into my throat. I drank it greedily. And then felt hands and arms all over me, lifting me back on to the sofa.


Before I even had time to register a face I felt a cock go in my pussy and my mouth was full of another cock, I didn’t even know whose cock. All I could see was black curly pubic hair and huge balls slapping my chin. My head was canted sideways and he was fucking my face and unlike Isaac, I did not move my head or try to get away. I held my head very still and my mouth as wide open as I could and let him fuck my mouth. I even started to move with the rhythm of the big dick grinding into my pussy, grinding me to orgasm. I came like a slut with a mouth full of cock and when I did the moaning made the guy in my mouth shoot ropes of gloopy cum into my throat. I started to say something as he pulled his cock out of my mouth but before I could get a word out, I wasn’t even sure what words I wanted to say there was another cock coming at my face and I opened my mouth like a greedy baby bird.


I felt a cock against my asshole and screamed into the cock but thank goodness Isaac intervened and said , “Not her ass” I thanked an invisible god that was probably shaking his head and felt the huge dick go into my pussy. I thought the mood had passed when I came , I thought I had had enough but the euphoria took over and I felt fingers on my clit at Isaac’s command, “Keep her worked up”


With that he came over and the guy removed his cock long enough for isaac to make me choke down another little bottle, I wasn’t going to drink at first but he wedged my jaw shut and held my nose like a dog until I drank it all and then followed that up with some kind of very strong alcohol. I was flying like a kite. I forgot who and where I was and tried my best to move with each cock that went in me that was replaced with another. I came over and over again; my thighs were slimy with cum. When I was screaming into yet another cock, totally lost in a sea of sexual oblivion. I heard Isaac say loudly, “She is paying off your debt really well don’t you think?”


I was immediately mortified and filled with shame which to my own shock sent more waves of orgasm. I could hear Vinny protesting and even glimpsed two large black men holding him back, making him watch as the last two finished up. Then heard through my oblivion, “I saved the best for last.”


Isaac came up behind me and had the guys take Vinny over to the couch and made him sit next to me as he flipped me over on my belly and lifted my ass in the air. I felt his huge black cock against the opening of my ass, pressing and I tried to protest but my mouth did not seem to be working right, all I could do was cry imaging that huge black cock in my ass. Yet I wanted it. He pressed the head in, the burning hurt, and I cried out. Isaac told vince this was going to last until he came. He pushed it in a little bit further and Isaac said, ”Apparently you misunderstood. I have been watching this whore get fucked for a long ass time. I will fuck her ass until you cum in her mouth.” Maybe then you will learn to be a man, not send a woman to do your job.”


He pushed deeper, I could feel his big black cock spreading my buthole and not even the whole head was in. I could feel his big hands rubbing the small of my back, relaxing me, exciting me even at the prospect of the pain that would surely come. Apparently Vince got the picture and he was lifting my head and putting his substantial cock into my mouth, and it was hard in spite of his humiliation. Isaac said “take it all the way” and I did and apparently he said something else that I didn’t hear but I felt Vinny holding my head down on his cock, buried all the way to the root and it was at that moment Isaac allowed every inch of his massive black cock to slowly slide balls deep into my ass.


I screamed into vinny’s cock. The pain was enormous. I felt like I was being split in half by Isaac’s big black cock before the pain could overcome me I felt his big fingers on my clit as he started rocking his big black cock in and out of my tight ass. It hurt terribly but at the same time I did not want his black cock anywhere else but in my ass. His fingers worked my clit and apparently my screaming on Vince’s cock drove him crazy because he was fucking my mouth with zeal. I was sobbing but felt the orgasm building like no other. I started backing up on his big black cock, fucking him back, working for what was coming and Vinny was feeding me pre-cum. I knew it wouldn’t be long. I wanted it so badly that I managed to beg through the cock in my mouth, “hurt me”


“Hurt you, oh I’ll hurt you alright. Show you why you white cunts always come back to the black cock.” and with that he started hammering my asshole with that huge black cock. I screamed again but met each thrust with my own and right when Vince started shooting his slimey load into my throat an orgasm like no other took me. If that wasn’t enough I could feel Isaac’s black cock spasming inside of my asshole, dumping his load into my asshole. I collapsed in absolute total pleasure. I must have passed out for a moment because Vince was standing and all zipped up as was Isaac.


I looked down at myself and I had been put to rights though my thong was still around my waist I could still feel the dangling split edges.


Isaac gave Vince a dismissive look and me a charming smile, “It was a pleasure doing buisness with you. Feel free to come back any time.” Trust me, later, after Vince was off at sea, I did do a lot of business with Isaac and I did his big black cock alot. Vince did bring me the money he owed me(though I never parted with a dime) when he was back for a time, but our relationship was never quite the same. Every now and then I still cuckold him with black men, I think he likes watching their big black cock go in and out of my pretty white pussy. It was a real turning point in both of our lives.

Wrong Place, Right Time for Big Black Cocks 2

fuck pig for big black cockAfter some time had passed, lord knows how long, because I was lost in big black cocks and fantasies.I could hear excited whispering around me. I could hear male voices murmuring the shadows. I opened my eyes, and I saw that a circle of men had surrounded me all had big black cocks. I felt like a porn star when I realised they were watching me. They were watching live porn as I sucked my companions cock in the crowded bar. As my eyes adjusted to the semi-darkness of the little nook we were in, I saw that other men had their dicks out as well, hard and all pointing at me. All those big black cocks were all at eye level because at some point I had ended up on the floor to better service the cock I was sucking.


As I knelt on the floor,I figured this was my chance to fulfill another fantasy; biracial gang bang fantasy.  Many big black cocks on one frightened and horny white girl.


I positioned my body towards the center of the semi-circle to encourage the biracial gang bang. I did not want any of the guys to back out because they wondered if I was game or not. While still sucking the big black cock I started with, I reached out for one of the waiting cocks surrounding me started to stroke it, jerking him in my soft white, hand. It felt huge and hard in my hand. I lifted my head and stopped sucking the muscle bound black guy and took his slippery didk on my other hand. Before I knew it my mouth was corked with another strangers cock and of course I started sucking it. He fed me every inch of it. Like the rest it was big and black and felt like at least, at least nine inches. While I sucked and jerked  one of the men discovered that i has two other holes that had yet to be used and he and a friend pulled my torso out from beneath me and out of my kneeling position putting me flat on the floor.  The cocks already being serviced repositioned without ever moving their cock from the grasp of my stroking hands or wet mouth.


As I felt the the big hands lift my hips and a body being positioned beneath me I knew my biracial gang bang was well on the way. I was certain of it when the guy beneath me spread his legs so another guy could kneel between them so the one under me had access to my ass and the other to my pussy.

I heard them spit, they were spitting on my pussy and ass to get my asshole lubed up…..I was over the edge. I knew I was gonna get my tight white asshole gaped by who knows how many big black cocks.

Wrong Place, Right Time for Big Black Cock

fuck pig for big black cockSometimes being at the wrong place and the right time can be a very good thing. My car broke down in the wrong side of town in the middle of the night. The only thing open was a bar, but I figured that would be an okay place to wait for the road side assistance guy to come and fix the tire.


I went into the bar and ordered a drink realizing that not only was I the only white face but the only female as well. I was frightened for a second , until a large, friendly looking black man came and sat beside me and paid for my drink.


I explained to him what had happened with my car and he listened, ordering me another drink and as we continued to talk; another drink and still another. Of course all the drinks loosened me up and me and my companion moved from the bar to a table in the darkest section of the bar and between conversation there was certainly some heavy petting going on and fantasies running through my mind as I felt on his huge cock.


Fantasies of big black cock were racing through my head as we talked. He had to have known because my breathing got a bit heavy and my eyes kept straying to his crotch, imaging that big black cock encased in those jeans.

I ran one arm around his muscular black body as he leaned toward me. My hand slid up and down the bulge that was his big black cock. I worried that others could see, but when he unzipped and let the monster out, all fear abated and only anticipation lingered. I bent my head hungrily to his bare cock and began licking bulbous the head,teasing him and myself and then, finally,  enveloping his big black cock in my mouth, feeling the gigantic cock muscle slide in and out of my slippery mouth. My lips were stretched taut and tight around his big dick and I closed my eyes so to  just focus on sucking cock the big cock in my mouth lulled into motion by the heavy mesmerising bass beat reverberating in my ears and the big hand wrapped in my long hair guiding me up and down his big, long cock muscle.


BBC Makes White Sissy Training Easy

white sissyIt’s a fact that big black cock has power over all white sissy boys. Really, it has power over white women in general. White girls of all ages, sizes, persuasions, and even genders it seems flock to the temple of the BBC and open their mouths for it. That’s why when I’m training a new white sissy I pretty much go for the lack cock right from the start of things. The reason why is pretty simple. If you line up another white guy, even if he has a big dick, the simple sissy has a harder time squashing the whole, “this is gay” impulse. Don’t ask me how that works, I only know that it does.

The main thing that you have to keep in mind about these guys is that usually they have a small dick. You would not believe how badly having a small penis fucks up a lot of men. They go through their whole life trying to assure themselves that it’s not the size that matters but everyone knows that isn’t true. One look in a locker room confirms that they are bringing up the rear, literally. It’s not fair maybe but that’s hardly the same thing as it being normal. Some guys just draw the genetic short straw and then they have to deal with it any way they can. It’s no surprise that black guys offer them a source for their fantasies.

There’s not a support group of these guys. They can’t go to a therapy session and admit it in person. It doesn’t even matter if the therapist is a guy or a girl. white sissy training becomes their outlet. It becomes what they can do. They wan a big cock. They have been thinking about having a big cock for so long that it’s pretty easy to turn the fantasy of wanting to have a big cock into having a big black cock right in their mouth or their ass. Really, I’m just here to facilitate and so that they can come out of it feeling not all the way gay.

Give Me That Huge Black Dick White Men Won’t Do

Huge Black DickHuge black dick is a real eye opener. You don’t ever take one because let’s face it. Sometimes you’re afraid what people will think. But then you get a huge black dick by accident or you know, in a moment of weakness and then you’re ruined for white guys forever. White dudes just aren’t packing the kind of meat that they need in order to get me off anymore. And the worst part is that there are more and more women who are joining ranks with me. It won’t be long before there will be a girth requirement to get any pussy at all.


On that sad day there will be a line of sad pathetic white boys that can’t get laid anymore. Those will be the new bitches. Anything that a white girl cuckolding bitch wants them to do they’ll do. Not because they’ll get laid but because they’ll get someone to pay attention to their cocks long enough to warrant them being alive. There’s going to be new shoes all around while all of the white girlfriends are off getting the dick they really want. Frankly boys, you all just won’t measure up at all. Of course, there are going to be white boys that can still get laid. I’m willing to bet though that if you’re reading this right now that you won’t be on that list.

It won’t be so bad though. Of course you won’t be fucking anymore but isn’t that what you want? I mean you really do want to know the power that huge black dick has over a white woman? Maybe, just maybe, you’ve been considering what it would be like to get fucked like a sissy white whore. I would think that all of those hung black men would be dying to show at least some of you what it feels like to be grudge fucked into tunnel butt like a prison porno. Won’t that be a great night for you?

Little Cuckold Turned Into White Bitch

white bitch

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Sissies are some of my favorite people. Out of all of the fetishes a sissy is a white bitch just waiting to take the black cock. I have this running theory that if a sissy is just one step from sucking a cock then a cuckold is one step away from being a sissy. Think about it. All of the forced bisexual fetishist out there. Don’t you think about sucking dick even when a girl isn’t in the room to tell you to do it? I mean, isn’t there any man you check out somewhere on the street that you say “Damn, I wish there was a hot chick here to tell me to blow him.”?

I’d be willing to be that there is. If you’re a cuckold and you want to watch your girl fuck black guys then it pretty much means that you want to fuck black guys yourself. I mean, the push is already there. All you really need is a nudge. I man sure, it’s not going to be right a hundred percent of the time. I don’t think that every would be white bitch cuckold out there is watching black guys fucking his girl and could be talked into sucking a black dude off. I do, however, think that the cuckold in question is at least considering it.

Why wouldn’t he be? It’s awfully specific to want to watch a white bitch getting fucked by black guys over yourself. That means you must like the look of black cock. How far is it from liking the look of it from wondering what it tastes or feels like? See, I have tested this theory about ten times with cuckolds of mine. This is normal cuckolds. How many of them could I turn into sissies that suck off black cock by the time that I’m done? Out of the ten times that I’ve done it only one of them didn’t go there. Only one.

Big Black Cock Does Sissies on the Block

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The one thing that you have to know about white sissies who like big black cock is that they are the most disgusting and worthless men that any woman in her right mind would have the misfortune to meet. The reason why it’s become a fetish for so many of these losers to talk about taking the cocks that they wish they had and going out into the heart of the ghetto to do it is because they have no one that they can ever talk to about it and if they do it for real they are likely to get their pansy asses kicked and then raped like it’s prison.


There’s a simple reason that these faggots don’t go out to get some big black cock on their own and without a girl around to tell them that it’s okay. On top of everything about them they are also too chickenshit to get what they want out of life without someone there to hold their hand and tell them it’s okay. It really is sorry but I am a giver. See, I took a sissy out on the town last weekend to the heart of black guy territory. Why? Because I want to see when I’m Dominating a man that he really is willing to do all of the things that he talks about. Put up or shut up.


Not only did he get fucked like the white whore he is one of the cocks in question was the biggest big black cock that I’ve ever seen. It had to be close to a foot long if not a little more. It looked like a gorilla’s forearm. I made that little queer beg for it like a little white whore even though his eyes were wide open in terror. And man did he feel that one. Have you ever seen a grown man cry while he got his butt fucked? If not, then you don’t know what you’re missing.