BBC Makes White Sissy Training Easy

white sissyIt’s a fact that big black cock has power over all white sissy boys. Really, it has power over white women in general. White girls of all ages, sizes, persuasions, and even genders it seems flock to the temple of the BBC and open their mouths for it. That’s why when I’m training a new white sissy I pretty much go for the lack cock right from the start of things. The reason why is pretty simple. If you line up another white guy, even if he has a big dick, the simple sissy has a harder time squashing the whole, “this is gay” impulse. Don’t ask me how that works, I only know that it does.

The main thing that you have to keep in mind about these guys is that usually they have a small dick. You would not believe how badly having a small penis fucks up a lot of men. They go through their whole life trying to assure themselves that it’s not the size that matters but everyone knows that isn’t true. One look in a locker room confirms that they are bringing up the rear, literally. It’s not fair maybe but that’s hardly the same thing as it being normal. Some guys just draw the genetic short straw and then they have to deal with it any way they can. It’s no surprise that black guys offer them a source for their fantasies.

There’s not a support group of these guys. They can’t go to a therapy session and admit it in person. It doesn’t even matter if the therapist is a guy or a girl. white sissy training becomes their outlet. It becomes what they can do. They wan a big cock. They have been thinking about having a big cock for so long that it’s pretty easy to turn the fantasy of wanting to have a big cock into having a big black cock right in their mouth or their ass. Really, I’m just here to facilitate and so that they can come out of it feeling not all the way gay.

Little Cuckold Turned Into White Bitch

white bitch

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Sissies are some of my favorite people. Out of all of the fetishes a sissy is a white bitch just waiting to take the black cock. I have this running theory that if a sissy is just one step from sucking a cock then a cuckold is one step away from being a sissy. Think about it. All of the forced bisexual fetishist out there. Don’t you think about sucking dick even when a girl isn’t in the room to tell you to do it? I mean, isn’t there any man you check out somewhere on the street that you say “Damn, I wish there was a hot chick here to tell me to blow him.”?

I’d be willing to be that there is. If you’re a cuckold and you want to watch your girl fuck black guys then it pretty much means that you want to fuck black guys yourself. I mean, the push is already there. All you really need is a nudge. I man sure, it’s not going to be right a hundred percent of the time. I don’t think that every would be white bitch cuckold out there is watching black guys fucking his girl and could be talked into sucking a black dude off. I do, however, think that the cuckold in question is at least considering it.

Why wouldn’t he be? It’s awfully specific to want to watch a white bitch getting fucked by black guys over yourself. That means you must like the look of black cock. How far is it from liking the look of it from wondering what it tastes or feels like? See, I have tested this theory about ten times with cuckolds of mine. This is normal cuckolds. How many of them could I turn into sissies that suck off black cock by the time that I’m done? Out of the ten times that I’ve done it only one of them didn’t go there. Only one.

Meet Terry, a Sissy White Whore

White Whore

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Terry always wanted to be a white whore. the problem was that Terry was born with the wrong parts. How could a grotesque fat man possibly attract the big black cock that he so desperately wanted. Of course there was also that homophobic feeling that came with it. How can he just go out and suck black dick? Wouldn’t that be gay? So Terry, like a whole slew of losers before him decided that the best thing that he could do is to mask all of it behind a veneer of control by girls.

See, Terry fucked this up in two ways. By adding that element of the taboo, wanting to be a girl so he can suck dick he was forced to fantasize about it instead. those darker fantasies have a way of showing up in the oddest places, like the time he got caught at work wearing a pair of silk panties and trying to play it off as though he just thought that they were more comfortable. His other mistake was to involve a girl to control him. It was only a matter of time before he found one willing to control.

See, when Terry told me that he wanted to be a sissy white whore I knew exactly what I had to do. I had to take him there. He wasn’t content to let it rest for long. Soon I had him sucking his first black cock while dressed like a sissy freak. There’s no way to make a gross prick like that look passable enough to actually be a girl but it is really funny to see him try for it. Now Terry realizes on some level just how screwed he is. That’s the very best part of it all.

White Whore Trainer Deviant Donna

White Whore

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A sissy makes for the best white whore. Whenever you have a hot big black cock ready to fuck the best thing that you can hope to get to receive all of that hard black dick is a slutty little sissy boy with pretty pink panties and a face all dolled up ready to suck on the big black cock. white whore sissyfags need to be trained on the biggest big black cock available to them. How else can you claim to be a true white whore if you can’t suck down the biggest black cocks? So I think that a vital part of every sissy slave training needs to be becoming a white whore for black cock.

Picking out a good pair of slutty white whore panties is the most important part of training a sissy to take the big black cock. You can’t be too nice about it because if you do you are letting the black guy know that you value your sissy as a person with wants and needs and feelings. You want your black cock to treat your sissy like the little white whore that he knows he is. Nothing engenders a feeling of sissy girlishness like a big black cock stretching open some white whore’s ass. It’s hard to act like a man once you’re propped up like a white whore pig on a twitching and throbbing shaft of big black meat.

white whore drool is meant to be used as lube for big black cock violating any motions of masculinity that this little bitch might have retained.

See there comes a point in the life of ever sissy when they have to accept that they are a white whore. They love big black cock and that mistress always knows what’s best for them. It’s kind of poetic really.

Deviant Donna: white whore Trainer

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